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Diane Quiroga, LPC, ATR-BC, ACS, ATCS, is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Board Certified and Registered Art Therapist, as well as a Mental Health Consultant in New Jersey. She specializes in early childhood as well as children / teens with special needs. Ms. Quiroga has over ten years of comprehensive professional experience with children from varied populations and ages in a therapeutic setting.

Diane truly believes that every youngster is unique and therefore, has individual needs. She affirms that Art Therapy provides a method of communication and expression when words simply cannot. Her therapeutic approach is child-centered and she practices this through her focus on building a trusting relationship with the child, as well as creating a safe environment in which one can express and create freely. Through the art therapy process, your child-- guided by Diane-- has the opportunity to grow socially, emotionally, cognitively, and developmentally.

In order to create the most optimal and efficient method of treatment, Diane collaborates with members present in the child's life to understand individual needs as well as consistently participate in treatment.


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Diane has worked with children ranging with various disorders and concerns including the following:

▪ autism spectrum disorders (including previously termed pervasive developmental disorder, sensory processing disorder, and asperger’s syndrome)
▪ attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
▪ conduct disorder and oppositional defiant disorders
▪ school and separation anxieties
▪ depression
▪ trauma
▪ domestic violence
▪ sexual and emotional abuse
▪ cerebral palsy
▪ developmental concerns
▪ down’s syndrome
▪ grief and bereavement
▪ adoption and divorce
▪ bipolar disorder
                … and a series of varied and / or co-occurring physical and cognitive concerns. 

Diane is available for consultation and workshops, as well as therapeutic support for children, parents, and families. She holds individual sessions and small art therapy groups at her private practice location: 500 Morris Ave, Suite 118, Springfield, NJ 07081.

Please contact Diane for an appointment or more information at (908)-397-9118 or e-mail: ArtTalksLLC@gmail.com.

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